70669 Cole´s Earth Driller

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Fans of Ninjago will love playing with this LEGO® NINJAGO® set as they engage in epic battles and develop fantastical new narratives  


• Kit includes 4 x Ninjago mini figures - Cole, Kai, Stone Army Scout, Stone Army Warrior

• Cole's buildable earth driller has an opening cockpit for 2 mini figures, an automatic rotating drill, wheel functions and 2 x stud shooters; wheels and drill rotate when vehicle is driven

• Stone Warrior mini figure has posable arms, legs and head and 2 x katana

• Set includes Cole's Golden Weapon, The Scythe of Quakes as well as Kai's 2 katanas and Stone Army Scout’s crossbow with stud shooter 

• Great for developing their creative storytelling skills and engaging in role-play with friends 

• Can be combined with other LEGO® NINJAGO® toys for even bigger showdowns and greater excitement

• Dimensions (Cole's earth driller): 9 x 29 x 15cm

• Dimensions (Stone Army Warrior): 18cm tall

• Number of pieces: 587

• Suitable for ages 8+

Product Code: 426826

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